Meal Planner & Recipe For The Exclusive African Woman

Written with the African woman in mind, this book is designed to help you make a good start on your healthier lifestyle journey, ensuring organised meals are in place and keeping a regular food, fitness, and lifestyle journal. I have created a meal plan that will ensure you avoid the pitfalls of reaching for the ‘wrong foods’ which are at the root of our weight problems.

The book provides educational guidance, advice, strategies to plan ahead and change your habits, as this is key to a successful nutrition and lifestyle improvement journey.

As you begin to eat healthy and improve your lifestyle, you will see the stubborn excess weight falling off. Your approach to life will improve as you notice a difference in your energy and your confidence levels. I even have a feeling (as many have) that you’ll be inspired to take on new challenges you never thought possible. Good luck


  • 30 Days Meal Plan
  • 90 Days Food Diary Template
  • 30+ Healthy Recipes (Combination of traditional African and Western)
  • Food & Drink Diary (unlimited days' access on Google drive)
  • Make the right choices, decisions and commitments
  • Meal Plan Tips
  • Food Journaling Tips
  • 100+ Healthy Grocery Shopping ideas
  • Weekly Weight Loss Progress Report
  • and lots of more

This book provides a good start to a healthier lifestyle.

You will learn how to put a strategy into practice which you can incorporate into your daily schedule.

Paperback Book

Meal Planner & Recipe For The Exclusive African Woman £20

This is a portable paperback book which you can carry with you


Meal Planner & Recipe For The Exclusive African Woman £10

This is an Ebook which you can download on your phone, laptop or desktop. You also have access to the Google sheet for other resources when you purchase this ebook