Want a change like this?

Want a change like this?

12 weeks Nutrition and lifestyle Improvement Programme (Nutri-life)

The Exclusive You programme is designed for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want a sustainable and lasting solution to their weight issues which can be included as part of their daily routine.

You will learn how to:

  • Address and solve the root cause of your weight problems

  • Eat your own food (including traditional African or Asian food) and lose weight

  • Deal with sugar cravings

  • Manage portions without being hungry

  • Make the right choices, decisions and commitments

  • Be physically active without necessarily visiting the gym

  • Set achievable goals and manage yourself to a healthier lifestyle

  • Understand calories without needing to count calories

  • Set goals, be productive and manage your lifestyle without compromising your health

  • Prepare easy, quick and delicious nutrient dense foods

  • Include intermittent fasting into your weekly schedule

  • Put a strategy into practice which you can incorporate it into your daily schedule

  • Put a strategy into practice which you can incorporate it into your daily schedule

  • and lots of more

This programme is not about dieting, keto, calorie counting, pills, ACV, juice therapy, extreme fitness regime or meal replacement. You already know that they are not a sustainable lasting solution. Instead, the programme will help you learn about good nutrition and improving your lifestyle.

You will learn how to put a strategy into practice which you can incorporate into your daily schedule.

You will get the scientifically proven information, advice and support that you need to achieve your goals and maintain it.

You will be accountable to an experienced Nutrition and lifestyle improvement coach who has worked with several women and men to achieve and maintain their ideal weight.

The programme also covers life skills such as managing stress and maintaining a healthy sleep routine.

You will also receive a bonus of lifestyle assessment including dietary recall, review of nutritional intake and weight loss history analysis and report (worth £150) when you sign up and pay in full (offer not available when payment is made on instalment)

You will receive a free 30 min WhatsApp or phone consultation at the start of the programme and the below is the format of the programme.

  • Daily encouraging posts
  • Weekly Coaching over Zoom
  • Weekly instructional help
  • Weekly tasks/checklist/worksheet
  • Weekly weigh-ins and reviews
  • Weekly educational videos
  • Keeping food and exercise diary
  • Snack ideas with delicious foods
  • Recipe and meal plan suggestions
  • Healthy food to eat to help you lose weight
  • Team support
  • The Exclusive You online community
  • Private WhatsApp Group (if you sign up for the group programme)
  • Private Facebook Group (free even if you don't sign up for the programme)

Why you should join the 12 weeks Nutrition and lifestyle Improvement Programme (Nutri-life)

  • I am a certified nutritionist with over 10 years’ experience successfully helping mostly African women and men to achieve their nutrition and weight loss goals using their own diet and while continuing to eat their traditional African foods.
  • I also have a proven track record of most of them maintaining their weight loss over 2 years after and testimonials speak for itself.
  • You will receive credible and scientifically proven nutritional and Lifestyle Improvement information, great advice and fantastic support that will help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.
  • The information is provided in simple and clear formats that you can implement easily as part of your daily lifestyle schedule.
  • You will receive practical advice on how you can incorporate simple physical activity into your daily schedule without visiting the gym or doing a vigorous fitness regime that is unsustainable.
  • You do not have to worry about extreme calorie counting or deprive yourself of the food you love or stick to a restricted diet such as keto.
  • I do not sell you bogus supplements, dietary aids or have affiliation with any organisation promoting such.
  • I do not provide unscientific, unrealistic and unsustainable weight loss methods
  • At The Exclusive You and being an African myself, I have first-hand experience of traditional African and Caribbean diets, and how they can be tailored for optimum health and nutritional outcomes following my nutritional analysis of some of the Afro Caribbean foods.
  • My focus is not on dieting or prohibiting specific foods but on providing the nutritional and lifestyle information, advice and support that you need to focus on good nutrition, healthy and active lifestyle that will enable you to make the right food choices for you.
  • I believe that when it comes to being the very best you, the difference between success and failure is sound information, good advice and great support and that is exactly what we offer.

You will enjoy the benefit of:


Experienced Certified Nutritionist


Simple and easy to follow programme


Clear and simple format




Group motivation


12 Weeks Nutrition & Lifestyle Improvement Programme £299

This programme is designed for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who is self disciplined and happy to follow the programme at their own pace and time. It may also be that they are not confident to join other people in a group. If you are able to follow through a programme without needing someone to personally motive you then this will be right for you.

Group Programme

12 Weeks Nutrition & Lifestyle Improvement Programme £599

This programme is designed for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who wants a sustainable and lasting solution to their weight issues which can be included as part of their daily routine.

If you need the support of a coach and group to keep you accountable on a regular basis then this is the right one to sign up for.

Food Diary Assessment & Report

1 Week Complete Food Diary Assessment & Report £150

This is a detailed overview and assessment of your eating habits, including types of foods consumed, portion and cooking methods.

We go through your challenges and identify the issues that you have around your Nutrition and Lifestyle and provide appropriate advise on the best approach to help resolve these issues.

This assessment is an hour and a half long process and is available for anyone who wants to identify the root cause of their weight problem and stop yoyo dieting once and for all.

You will then get a report including advise and action plan.

Not sure which programme to choose?

Knowledge about food and health

This program transformed my life! I did not only lose weight, but I also gained knowledge about food and health. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, this program is for you.

Iyete Apeji

Digital Transformation Strategist

Easy to follow lessons

The hands on approach and passion that Funmi dedicates to each session leaves a lasting impression on the way I relate with food, sleep, physical activity, stress management and my health in general. I now make healthier choices as I am equipped and empowered to continue to do so.

I am now on course to reaching my weight goal.

Stella Werukusanga

Hr/Business specialist

Lost over 30kg without medication or gym

Having struggled with my weight for so many years and tried all sorts of medication, juice, home remedy, starvation etc. but none of these worked. I was amazed by Funmi's success story and joined her programme where I lost over 30kg within 7 months. I am so pleased with my body weight now.

Betty Ofojama

Building material entrepreneur


Funmi's lessons were simply presented and easy to digest.

Her process was very straightforward to follow and her tips to applying these changes to everyday life was easy to follow. The only way to fail was to consciously choose to do so.


My blood pressure is now controlled and I no longer need medication. I now exercise regularly without being stressed about it and I physically feel much energised.


I have improved relationship with food, gained confidence and with 45kg down, my clothes are now fitter, I have renewed strength and I am a completely new person.

My new confidence has helped me with starting a new thriving business.


I am no longer tired and breathless when I go on a walk or up on the stairs. I also have improved health and better sleep in addition to my weight loss. It is one of the best decisions that I have made for myself.