Want to lose

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Hello, Want to lose weight using your own diet and bounce back healthy? You're in the right place


Next group weight loss programme starts on

Saturday 16th September 2023

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Next group weight loss programme starts on

Saturday 16th September 2023

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A Little About Me

I am the founder and CEO of The Exclusive You Nutrition and Lifestyle Improvement Programme, which was founded to address the gap in weight management programmes providing nutrition and lifestyle improvement education that can help people who have tried everything and still struggle with their weight to make informed decision about their health and wellness without giving up the foods they love, pretty much using their own diet.

Having being previously obese (lost over 25kg) and also being a black person, I understand the attitudes of black people towards weight management which was further brought to light when I wrote my dissertation about the topic for my master’s degree. This is why I organised the programme to specifically target the black community who are one of the ethnic groups with the highest prevalence of obesity and its associated diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

I also work with Asian communities who like Africans have high prevalence of obesity and its associated diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and stroke.

I love working with busy professional and entrepreneurial women who wants to lose weight using structured methods that can fit into their tight busy schedule.

I have helped hundreds of clients over the past 10 years achieve weight loss goals with zero restrictions to food types or native meals, zero miracle juice and zero meal replacements and they have ended up with improved health, renewed confidence, mood boosts and increased energy levels by making healthier food and lifestyle choices.

I am a married mother with 3 children and started my career as an accountant with over 25 years industry experience, holds a Master’s degree in Management studies and a Nutrition diploma.

When I’m not working, I try out different recipes, dance or listen to music.

Your health is your priority. NO one can make you healthy but you. 'Funmi Ajayi-Obe'

I look forward to helping you with your nutrition and weight issues.

Funmi Ajayi-Obe

About The Exclusive You

Who is it for?

The Exclusive You is a Nutrition and lifestyle Improvement (Nutri-life) Programme designed to help you achieve your Nutrition and Lifestyle Improvement goals without giving up on the foods you love, basically using your own diet. No pills, No diets foods, No miracle juice and No gym.

The semi-formal structure of the programme allows you to freely interact with other group members while learning from each other and receiving support.

I started the programme in 2011 following my weight loss journey experience, personal research and Nutrition education.

While the programmes can work for male or female, it is particularly aimed at busy professional or entrepreneur women who wants to achieve their weight loss goals using a sustainable programme that matches their busy lifestyle and family setting.

Our mission is to provide you with the dietary and Nutritional information, support and advice that allows you to make informed decisions about how you eat and improve your lifestyle.

We don't believe in prohibiting specific food groups, dieting, starvation, unrealistic calorie restriction, meal replacements, miraculous medications or punishing fitness regimes. As you already know that these don't work. We focus on providing the information you need to focus on good nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle.

At The Exclusive You, we understand your needs, we know that you want to eat your own food and lose weight. That is why we designed our NLI programme to cater for exactly that. We help you lose weight in a sustainable way using your own diet.

If you are trying to live a healthier and happier life but don't know how or where to start, if you are constantly stressed and tired or fed up with slavishly following a series of weight management programmes where all you lose is money instead of weight, then our Nutri-life Programme is for you. We work with real people to achieve realistic goals.

If you are always stressed, tired, suffer with sugar craving or sleep, confused about several dietary information over the internet and need a scientific, realistic and sustainable programme that is easy to follow, matches your lifestyle one that you can combine with your traditional African foods, then you are at the right place.

You will receive clarity about how you can structure your daily routine to help you build and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Our programmes will provide you with scientifically proven methods, advice and support that will help you achieve your goals in a short period of time.

We are The Exclusive You because we believe it's all about you.

Funmi Ajayi-Obe

Founder, The Exclusive You

Hear it from people like you who have benefited from

my programme

Lost over 30kg without medication or gym

Having struggled with my weight for so many years and tried all sorts of medication, juice, home remedy, starvation etc. but none of these worked. I was amazed by Funmi's success story and joined her programme where I lost over 30kg within 7 months. I am so pleased with my body weight now.


Building Entrepreneur

Knowledge about food and health

This program transformed my life! I did not only lose weight, but I also gained knowledge about food and health. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, this program is for you.


Digital Transformation Strategist

Easy to follow lessons

The hands on approach and passion that Funmi dedicates to each session leaves a lasting impression on the way I relate with food, sleep, physical activity, stress management and my health in general. I now make healthier choices as I am equipped and empowered to continue to do so.

I am now on course to reaching my weight goal.


Hr/Business specialist

My Blood Pressure is now controlled

Not only did I lose weight, my blood pressure is now controlled and I no longer need medication. I now exercise regularly without being stressed about it and I physically feel much energised.


Health Care Professional


Finance Specialist

Funmi's lessons were simply presented and easy to digest.

Her process was very straightforward to follow and her tips to applying these changes to everyday life was easy to follow. The only way to fail was to consciously choose to do so.


IT Professional

Initially, it was awkward being the only man in the group at the time. However, Funmi’s thorough and professional approach got me hooked and I lost over 10kg in the 12 weeks of the programme and I am still losing weight. I feel much healthier, fitter and in great shape.


Finance Specialist

I have improved relationship with food, gained confidence and with 45kg down, my clothes are now fitter, I have renewed strength and I am a completely new person.

My new confidence has helped me with starting a new thriving business.


Healthcare Professional

I am no longer tired and breathless when I go on a walk or up on the stairs. I also have improved health and better sleep in addition to my weight loss. It is one of the best decisions that I have made for myself.

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